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Experience exceptional investment returns with Coconut Grove Managed Farmland. Established in 2015 with a scenic Kaveri water body, our project leads the gated community farmland concept in Channapatna, Karnataka. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, we offer a unique opportunity to cultivate coconut groves while preserving ecological balance. Through responsible land management and innovative practices, we aim to create a thriving agricultural ecosystem while enhancing the area’s visual appeal. Our commitment to sustainability and community engagement ensures the preservation of natural resources and fosters economic growth. Discover the allure of agricultural excellence and natural beauty with Coconut Grove Managed Farmland, your beacon in Channapatna.

Most important and challenging facts about this project

The Coconut Grove Managed Farmland project is committed to sustainable agriculture and responsible land management. Implementing the gated community farmland concept in Bangalore was challenging, but through innovative practices and community engagement, the project has become a beacon of agricultural excellence and natural allure in Channapatna.



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