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Discover prime real estate agriculture managed plots in Near Bangalore. Invest wisely with our expert guidance. Lucrative opportunities await!

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We have 9 years of agriculture & eco farming Explore Mother Earth Farmlands, work with in Bangalore South Western Region

Discover our premium agriculture managed plots in Bangalore South Western, starting in Channapatna since 2015. Benefit from Kaveri river water and sustainable agricultural practices. Learn about our commitment to quality farmland


Our expert team bridges CO-farmers

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Weekend Getaway
For Urban Farmers

Escape urban life, relax in nature, and cultivate your passion in managed farmland weekend getaways

END TO END Assistance For Co-Farmer

Complete guidance and support for co-farmers in managed farmland, ensuring success from planting to profit.

Resort Municipality

Explore a luxury resort municipality designed for co-farmers within managed farmland environments

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Coconut Grove Phase-1

Agriculture Products

Mango Grove

Coconut Grove Phase-2

Support for Agricultural Development

Near Me Farm Plots
Gated Farm land for sale

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Discover the harmony of sustainable agriculture at Mother Earth Farmlands, where managed fields bloom with diversity, nurturing both land and livelihoods for a greener tomorrow.

We Care About Our Agriculture Growth

"At Our Core, We Are Committed to Promoting Sustainable Growth in Our Agriculture Farmlands Industry and Ensuring Its Positive Impact on Communities and the Environment