In 2018, we proudly launched our first project in managed farming, the Coconut Grove. Spanning over 3 acres of lush land, this project marked a significant milestone in our journey towards transforming agriculture. The Coconut Grove was carefully planned and executed to showcase our commitment to sustainable farming practices and the cultivation of high-quality crops.

The Experienced Step


After the remarkable success and valuable lessons learned from the closure of Coconut Grove Phase 1 within a mere six months of its launch, we were inspired to take our managed farming endeavors to even greater heights. Drawing upon our extensive experience and newfound expertise, we proudly unveiled our second project: Coconut Grove Phase 2..

The Come Back


Eventhough coconut grove phase2 was the most pre closing project for us we couldnt start our new project. the world had to face many challenges and we commited to tackle it in green way at the end year we came up with the new project namely MANGO GROVE.This remarkable project not only serves as a haven for mango cultivation but also as a thriving habitat for diverse fauna, making it a true paradise for nature enthusiasts.

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